Be.Live : An insightful review of this leading live broadcasting platform


Be.Live was launched on October 16 2016. The company is based in Haifa, Israel and has offices in Ukraine, the Philippines and the USA,

Be.Live is an easy to use and customizable web-based streaming platform that supports Facebook and YouTube. Be.Live is a Facebook Live Video Solutions Partner that effectively engages your audience grows your community. Our mission is to help broadcasters, business owners, and content creators grow their communities through live videos.

Notable Features

These features are unique to BeLive

1 Live Selling

2 Agenda or run of Show

3 Integrated Video Editor

4 Full HD recordings on Facebook

5 Youtube Video Player

6 Recording of Broadcasts stored for up to 90 days

7 Multi-Camera

8 Image Carousel

The Studio

Steven's Review

Broadcast on BeLive

In this broadcast, the discussion is between Steven Healey, Lottie Hearn, Bridgetti Lim Banda. Nick Wood and Marco Novo.

Guided Tour of BeLive