OBS.Ninja : An insightful review of this leading live broadcasting platform


OBS.Ninja is an extremely useful add on for OBS.

It was developed by Steve Seguin, who lives in Canda, starting in early 2020. 

It allows users to invite guests onto the platform easily.

Both systems are free to use.

OBS.Ninja uses peer-to-peer technology to bring remote cameras into OBS.

In most cases, all video data is transferred directly from peer to peer, without needing to go through any video server

This results in high-quality video with super low latency. In a small number of cases, video data may go through an encrypted TURN server, which is used to facilitate peer connections when otherwise not possible.

The Studio

The OBS.Ninja Control Room

Steven's Review

OBS Ninja solves two problems

The first one is that not everybody can afford to pay a monthly fee for using commercial software. In that respect OBS.Ninja is totally free.

The second major problem, OBS, is brilliant when it’s just you on screen. When you invite guests, you have to use additional software like Skype.

With OBS.Ninja, you can invite people to join you simply by sending them a link to paste into their Chrome browser.

Adding OBS.Ninja video output to OBS can be performed in minutes. The video and audio are of superb quality.

Broadcast on OBS.Ninja

In this episode, we are showcasing OBS.Ninja.

OBS.NInja is Chrome browser-based software that facilitates seven people on screen and Links into OBS. OBS is used to broadcast to a destination of your choice.

You can publish to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more. Live on OBS.Ninja with Lynda West, Lilian Möller and Steven Healey

How to use OBS.Ninja